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Customer Lifecycle Management Suite

Build exceptional customer relationships and operational resilience by delivering frictionless onboarding, compliance, and lifecycle management.

The Appian Client Lifecycle Management solution suite

Configure each solution

Provide the end-to-end structure and automation of the onboarding, servicing, and KYC workflows

Automate KYC Investigations

Automate and streamline KYC investigations with the flexibility to adapt to market and regulatory change

Self-service portal

Simplify customer servicing with a user-friendly self-service portal

Efficient Onboarding

 Aggregate client data across operational silos for efficient onboarding

A single source of truth for financial services onboarding and customer management.

Disconnected operating models, industry fee compression, increased operating costs, and growing regulatory scrutiny are all challenges that hinder the customer onboarding experience. 

To keep better pace with market and regulatory requirements, Appian Customer Lifecycle Management pre-built solutions offer a client-centric approach to gain a competitive edge and faster time to value for customers. 


Speed up time to revenue and put customer service at the forefront.

Connected Onboarding

Accelerate the onboarding process and remove operational silos. 

Connected Servicing

Improve customer satisfaction and experience. 

Connected KYC

Simplify and accelerate know your customer investigations.

Appian Customer Lifecycle Management solutions are built on the Appian Low-Code Platform, with workflow, AI, RPA, and IDP, and are easily configurable for multiple languages. The solution suite is fully auditable, enables regulatory compliance, easily integrates with leading data providers, and complies with WCAG AA Accessibility Standards (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Purchase individual solutions or the whole suite and integrate easily with key data providers. be Australia’s leading customer connected bank, we must respond quickly to the changing needs of our customers. Appian allows business processes to be simplified and implemented quickly using agile approaches.

- Andrew Watts, Executive Customer Service Improvement, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank

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