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Safety and Pharmacovigilance

Safeguard your most valuable asset: the patient.

With Appian, the high demands of intake and detection, safety information management, and adverse events reporting can be organized and managed within a unified platform.

Reduce risk and promote safety.

A large, multinational pharmaceutical company with 100,000+ employees ran on a dangerously inefficient legacy paper-based process that was dangerously inefficient. With Appian low-code automation, they were able to automate key steps to concurrently speed processes and reduce errors, along with unifying data across multiple systems.

  • Less Waiting, More Intakes.
    Easily record, track and investigate all adverse reactions in relation to the treatment of your products.
  • Ensure 24/7 Access to Reporting Tools.
    Streamline and standardize reporting for adverse drug reactions in real-time.
  • Improve Service Levels.
    Enhance agent efficiencies and reduce agent handle times for interactions, including first contact resolution.
  • Ensure Compliance.
    Actively and effectively track the safety of your products to meet health regulations and reduce risk. 
  • Clear Process Transparency. Automate your manual processes and simplify data entry to transform inefficient tracking processes.
  • Complete Safety Information and Tracking Management. With Appian, you can manage all safety reviews across products and enable initiation of further processes.
  • Ensuring reporting happens fast and accurately. Report any side effects or adverse drug reactions with your products to health authorities in a timely, consistent, and compliant fashion.
  • Gain more timely and valuable data for safety reporting. Unify different data sources to gain real-time updates for efficient and organized delivery of your key findings.
  • Deliver better value to patients, now. Faster safety reporting means more beneficial products, less time spent on product and label changes, and more time in market.

See why life sciences organizations trust Appian for pharmacovigilance to automate the processing of adverse event signals by effectively logging and investigating drug safety issues.

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