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Connected KYC

A pre-built solution to automate Know Your Customer (KYC) investigations, improve accuracy, and minimize regulatory risk. 

KYC solution trusted by leading Financial Services institutions.

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Simplify and accelerate Know Your Customer investigations.

Financial institutions use KYC policies and due diligence processes to reduce business risk by avoiding illicit transactions and improving their view of their clients’ identities and business relationships. Organizations must also keep track of KYC verifications and assess risk factors in accordance with local and global regulations to avoid large regulatory fines. KYC investigations have become more challenging as data is often still coming from legacy and outside systems, causing investigators to spend a majority of their time gathering and managing the data across manual and paper-based processes. 

There is a faster and better way. Appian Connected KYC continuously monitors customer information for a frictionless customer experience while maintaining regulatory KYC compliance. 


Connected, automated, and continuous KYC processes.

24/7, 365 monitoring.

Alert and notify compliance officers of changes and expirations so nothing is missed.


Process configuration

Empower business users to configure KYC workflow requirements as regulations change without having to break into the code.

Intelligent automation

Leverage IDP to automate KYC document classification and a robust rules engine to streamline system tasks.

Connected data

Ensure everyone has the latest status by connecting data across legacy systems, third-party providers like OFAC and Northrow, and Appian without the need to rip and replace.

Improve accuracy and customer experience. Reduce unnecessary workloads.

Connect people, processes, and data with Appian Connected KYC and our Customer Lifecycle Management solutions.