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Research and Development

Maximize efficiency in R&D.

Design, automate, and optimize life science processes to streamline the research and development lifecycle.

Top use cases.

Centralized site and study monitoring.

Automate your clinical operations with visibility across multiple sites and studies.

Global experiments management.

Accelerate early stage product development by effectively keeping track of compounds.

Study design and execution lifecycle.

Build applications that efficiently manage the many changes needed for current study requirements.

Study start-up management.

Automate processes, gain approvals, and review exceptions faster for accelerated start-up.

Global innovators trust Appian.

Revolutionize clinical studies with Appian.

Streamline clinical studies with process automation to help prevent delays and errors. 

Gain the required level of control and auditability, while decreasing approval bottlenecks.

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Accelerate the early stages of clinical development.

Use Case

Automate study start-up management.

Use Case

Orchestrate investigator sponsored research.

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