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Appian Government eProcurement

State and local governments can now manage the procurement process in a complete, compliant, and consistent way.

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November 29, 2023

Capital One Hall | Tysons, VA

Efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

Government procurement is complex, high-stakes, and time-sensitive—and too important to be left to old, inefficient systems like email, spreadsheets, and shared drives.

Appian Government eProcurement, whose solutions can be purchased separately or as one unified suite, simplifies, automates, and accelerates procurement, from requirements and solicitations to contract awards and management.

Leverage the Appian eProcurement suite of solutions to simplify, automate, and accelerate.

Requirements Management

Shorten procurement timelines.

Contract Management

Meet your deadlines.

Evaluation Management

Make timely, confident procurement decisions.

Terms & Conditions Automation

Select contract terms and conditions with greater ease and accuracy.

Vendor Management

Break down silos between government procurement and vendors.

Appian is trusted by leading departments and agencies.

The Appian Government eProcurement solution suite gives teams a single hub to:

Create complete procurement requirements packages.

Proactively manage contract award processes.

Evaluate vendor quotes and proposals.

Write contracts with the right terms and conditions.

Manage vendor relationships in a secure and transparent way.

Simplify, automate, and accelerate.