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Connected Underwriting P&C Workbench

Automate your underwriting processes.

Reduce time to quote and improve customer experience with Appian’s automated underwriting workbench.

Global innovators trust Appian.

Top benefits.

Break down data silos.

Boost underwriter productivity with a unified view of data and low-code integrations that extend the value of core systems like Guidewire. 

Automate manual underwriting processes.

Accelerate data ingestion, clearance, and triage to optimize underwriting operations with AI-powered automation.

Augment decision-making.

Better evaluate risk with Appian’s AI/ML models to drive more predictable outcomes.

Improve the customer and broker experience.

Increase collaboration to accelerate quotes and communicate real-time updates.

See Appian Connected Underwriting in action.

Leading insurers trust Appian.

See how CNA built one global solution to connect 226 business partners in 164 different countries.

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Connected Underwriting P&C Workbench


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