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Aegon’s Dutch roots date back to 1844. Today, the company has operations in more than 20 countries, including North America where it is known as Transamerica. Aegon offers a range of insurance, pension and savings products.

Aegon: Simplifying Insurance for Customers with Digital Insurance Solutions & Intelligent Automation


Business Problem

Aegon wishes to provide optimal service to their intermediaries, and they always aim to deliver the best possible customer service.  Aegon does so by making it as simple and easy as possible. 

As a Worldwide Insurer in Financial Services, Aegon’s purpose is to help people achieve a lifetime of financial security. Aegon provides accessible omnichannel digital solutions. To obtain the utmost simplicity and ease of use, Aegon searched for the combination of the right people and the right technology. 

Aegon chose Appian to make sure that our customers receive the best possible service. 


Appian Solution

The Appian platform provides Aegon the possibility to apply business process management and case management in a low code environment. It is a perfect fit for their agile way of working. With Appian, Aegon started a mortgage self-service extra redemption process. In a customer-friendly way,  a customer can now apply for an extra redemption online. Once an Aegon customer wants to make the actual request, they see the consequences of that redemption upfront. That helps Aegon to support their customers in making a conscious decision. 

When the customer decides to proceed with the extra redemption, they can pay instantly via IDEAL. After that transaction is completed, all back-office systems are updated automatically. 

Mortgages is not the only department within Aegon that works successfully with Appian. Since the 2017 official Appian platform introduction, 50 business applications were taken into production, divided amongst Aegon Bank, Pension, Life, Non-life, Income and Mortgages. This is the result of 15 DevOps teams that work with Appian. 

Finally, Aegon’s Net Promoter score has increased 36 points since. 

“One of the core values of Aegon is putting the customer first. Over the past years, Aegon invested in multiple solutions to enable intelligent automation and digital interaction with our customers to make this possible.

That is also why we chose the Appian platform that is an important and most of all, orchestrating enabler.  By applying knowledge automation and robotic automation,  we increasingly achieve more efficiency and speed in the digital service that customers expect from us.”
Frans Stuifbergen, Senior Business Information Analyst, Aegon