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Creating a Connected-Care Enterprise

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Providing the highest quality of care for patients and enabling maximum efficiency for the clinicians that serve them can be challenging, especially when held back by outdated and siloed systems. As healthcare provider and payer organizations deal with enterprise-wide issues, they are discovering the benefits of a unified, connected view of their data, members, patients and clinicians on a single platform.

Hear healthcare experts from HIMSS and Ignyte Group, explore how a best-in-class connected-care enterprise is possible and how it leads to transformational results. We’ll discuss industry challenges and trends affecting the patient journey and care delivery, as well as share how organizations are already successfully utilizing innovative solutions to improve areas such as patient journey management, home health automation and care coordination. 


Learn how a connected-care enterprise can:

  • Unify patient data
  • Streamline workflows
  • Create uniquely tailored experiences
  • Accelerate speed-to-care delivery
  • Improve clinician management and decision-making