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Appian Vendor Management for State & Local Government

Modernize your end-to-end procurement lifecycle.

Break down silos between government procurement and vendors with connected, automated, end-to-end procurement workflows.

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November 29, 2023

Capital One Hall | Tysons, VA

Simplify communication between vendors and contracting.

Appian Vendor Management for State and Local government eliminates manual and cumbersome back-and-forth interaction with vendors. It gives you a single portal for secure data sharing, easier communication, and automated document validation. Maximize vendor participation to increase the diversity of organizations in your bidding pool and experience smoother procurement cycles.

Work intuitively.

with vendors by using a secure and centralized portal to manage opportunities.

Communicate effectively.

by allowing procurement personnel and vendors to securely communicate with each other in one system.

Automate document management.

to save time and receive guidance and validation for required documentation.

Increase vendor participation and diversity.

by lowering the barriers to entry and improving outcomes.

Increase staff productivity, improve procurement outcomes, and reduce costs.

Appian is trusted by leading state and local departments and agencies.

Leverage the Appian eProcurement suite of solutions to simplify, automate, and accelerate.

Requirements Management

Shorten procurement timelines.

Contract Management

Meet your deadlines.

Evaluation Management

Make timely, confident procurement decisions.

Terms & Conditions Automation

Select contract terms and conditions with greater ease and accuracy.

Vendor Management

Break down silos between government procurement and vendors.

Simplify, automate, and accelerate.