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Connected Underwriting Life Workbench

Accelerate the life insurance underwriting process.

Improve the underwriter experience with an automated underwriting workbench.

Global innovators trust Appian.

Top benefits.

Improve case and workload management.

Auto-assign workloads and get a 360-degree view of case data so you can make complex risk decisions more efficiently.

Automate underwriting processes and increase STP.

Better assess risk and speed up policy issuance with automation, integrated rules engines, and third-party data sources.

Improve the experience for customers and underwriters.

Issue policies faster and improve communication to better attract digital‑first customers and new talent.

Minimize risk and improve profitability.

Connect data from any source to determine individual and portfolio risk, improve performance, meet SLAs, and more.

See Life Workbench in action.

Modernize your underwriting processes.

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