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Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Automation

Automate pharmacovigilance for product safety.

Effectively track and report safety findings to ensure patient health.

Top use cases.

Adverse events reporting.

Easily record, track, and investigate all adverse reactions in relation to the treatment of your products.

Safety information tracking and management.

Automate manual processes and simplify data entry to optimize tracking.

Safety reporting.

Unify data from disparate sources and get real-time updates for efficient, organized delivery of key findings.

Reduce risk.

Discover how an AI-powered process platform can simplify safety and pharmacovigilance processes while boosting speed and accuracy.

Ensure patient safety.

Improve pharmacovigilance with better tracking and enhanced compliance.

Global innovators trust Appian.

Streamline incident management.

Minimize risk and be more responsive with an automated solution.

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