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Appian eProcurement Solutions

Appian Terms & Conditions Automation for State & Local Government.

Select the right government terms and conditions at the right time for solicitations, awards, orders, amendments, and modifications.

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November 29, 2023

Capital One Hall | Tysons, VA

Select contract terms and conditions with greater speed, ease, and accuracy.

Appian Terms & Conditions Automation streamlines, standardizes, and secures the procurement process by enabling consistent, accurate application of terms and conditions, mitigating risk, and maximizing efficiency. With this solution, users access up-to-date, department- and agency-specific terms and conditions from a centralized dashboard, based on configurable business rules and streamlined by automation.

Confidently buy goods and services

through automation.

Reduce errors

by eliminating manual processes.

Simplify procurement

through centralized, intuitive interfaces.

Lower risks

by ensuring the right T&Cs are in place.

Streamline, standardize, and automate the terms and conditions process.

Appian is trusted by leading departments and agencies.

Leverage the Appian eProcurement suite of solutions to simplify, automate, and accelerate.

Requirements Management

Shorten procurement timelines.

Contract Management

Meet your deadlines.

Evaluation Management

Make timely, confident procurement decisions.

Terms & Conditions Automation

Select contract terms and conditions with greater ease and accuracy.

Vendor Management

Break down silos between government procurement and vendors.

Simplify, automate, and accelerate.