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Education Partners

Expand your Appian teams with certified talent.

The Appian Education Partner Program generates a talent pipeline that can be deployed when and where you need it.

Appian Education Partner Program

A global network of Appian Education Partners provides different solutions to fit your hiring needs.

Hire, Train, Deploy partners.

Partners work with you to source and train project-ready resources for your teams.

Academic Alliances partners.

Appian partners directly with institutions and enables them to certify their students in Appian.

Training support.

All partnership trainers are given access to instructor-led Appian courses, supporting lesson materials, and coaching from our Education Services team to ensure success.

How the program works for you.

Hire, Train, Deploy partners.

  • Introduction to Hire, Train, Deploy partners

  • Agreement with chosen partner

  • Day-one-ready consultants delivered

Appian Academic Alliances partners.

  • Collaborate with our network of universities

  • Engage with students learning Appian

  • Make job offers for future graduates

Our Education Partners

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