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Case Management Studio

Modernize case management.

Accelerate complex casework with modular, enterprise-grade apps. 

Casework, simplified.

Configure end-to-end apps with prebuilt features that cover 80% of typical case needs.

Process to Decision

Keep processes in bounds while staying flexible with easy-to-configure business rules.

Service Requests

Empower business users to configure workflows and visualizations to track cases as they progress.

Incident Management

Quickly identify issues with AI-driven root-cause analysis and automatic case routing.


Make informed decisions faster with user-friendly dashboards
and prebuilt audit components.

Modernize case management.

See how Appian customers manage complex casework.


Unified data across multiple systems, developed over 150 applications, and streamlined reporting for ESG functions.


Achieved 100% compliance with anti-money laundering regulations and saved 1000+ work hours per year.


Connected 4,000 agencies with a streamlined grant management process.

Featured Use Cases

Automate and optimize common case management processes. 

HR Service Management

For policy and procedure guidance, grievance and disciplinary processes, HR service center, HR email management, employee onboarding, and more.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

For compliance and regulation management, enterprise risk management, ESG monitoring,GDPR compliance, incident management, and more.

Connect the dots between people, processes, and data.

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Achieve your goals faster with case management.


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Case Management Studio: The Secret to Fast, Flexible Apps for Enterprise Casework.

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