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University of South Florida

Serving nearly 48,000 students every year, the University of South Florida System is a high-impact, global research system dedicated to student success.

University of South Florida: Transforming the student experience with rapid digital innovation

Business Problem

USF seeks to prepare students for life in a global environment. This means giving students modern tools to manage their educational journey. USF IT wanted to transform and fully-mobilize the student experience. The number of applications that IT was supporting was growing and the ability to maintain those applications was eliminating the ability to deliver new capabilities. USF IT was already using Agile principles to manage projects, but needed a low-code platform that could accelerate delivery.

Appian Solution

Using Appian Cloud, USF created Archivum – a program for business transformation. Archivum was piloted in the USF College of Public Health to put full control over the student/academic advisor relationship, as well as the student course of study, on a student’s mobile device. The application, deployed in 3 weeks, reduced the two-week registration and advisor process to 2 days.. Realizing the potential of this low-code platform, USF IT has expended Archivum across the University, modernizing academic and business processes covering course records, medical student lottery, travel, human resource onboarding and more.

“With Appian, we are able to blend enterprise innovations such as agile delivery and mobile enablement to make the student experience at USF as easy as possible. Using Appian as an application platform supports our mission to leverage workplace technology to better understand health and how its future can transform our quality of life.”

Sidney Fernandes
System Vice President/CIO, University of South Florida