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What is Appian?

The trusted company and platform for AI process automation.

Appian is a software company that automates business processes. The Appian AI Process Platform includes everything you need to design, automate, and optimize even the most complex processes, from start to finish. 

The world's most innovative organizations trust Appian to improve their workflows, unify data, and optimize operations—resulting in better growth and superior customer experiences.

Our values.

We hire, promote, and act according to Appian company values.


We respect all people. We develop our skills so we can use them to help our customers, our partners, and our communities.

Constructive Dissent and Resolution

We welcome all opinions and encourage diverse thought. When a decision is made, we execute as a team.

Work to Impact (Not “Completion”)

We don’t stop working when a job is “done.” Working to impact makes our work more connected, educational, and human.


We’re here to do great things and improve the world. Our goal in every job is to create something beautiful.

Our culture.

We are designed for your success.

Independent research shows that Appian customers experience a:

  • 90% reduction in development time.
  • <6-month payback on initial investment.
  • 95% acceleration in operational processes.

Our technology.

Simple, powerful, end-to-end AI process automation.

The Appian AI Process Platform is the fastest way to design, automate, and optimize your most important processes.

The Appian Guarantee.

Fast to build, fast to learn.

Your first app delivered in 8 weeks with a flat services fee. It’s the Appian Guarantee. We also guarantee that anyone with a technical background can be trained as an Appian Developer in just 2 weeks.

Grow with us.

A great place to work, learn, and thrive.

Appian employees are passionate about challenging the status quo and improving the world through great software. Come to Appian and help us turn great ideas into big impact.

Orchestrate Change

Process Automation
that moves business forward.

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See how the world’s fastest-growing organizations use Appian for process automation.