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Vermont Mutual

In 1828, the Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Company became the first insurance company founded in the state of Vermont. Today, the Vermont Mutual Insurance Group® (made up of Vermont Mutual Insurance Company, Northern Security Insurance Company, Inc., and Granite Mutual Insurance Company) provides insurance products to clients in all the New England States and in the State of New York.

Business Problem

In order to increase agility, reduce operational costs, improve ease of use, and improve customer satisfaction, Vermont Mutual sought to transform and modernize the way it develops and rolls out new applications. By modernizing legacy systems, and rapidly provisioning new capabilities, the company looked to implement the vision of an agile architecture, where business units are centrally involved in developing the systems that run the business.

Appian Solution

Appian delivered an enterprise platform to power Vermont Mutual’s Core Systems Modernization Initiative. Appian provides a single system and a common user interface that can deliver support across an external web portal serving insurance agents and an internal web portal accessible to staff. Appian’s “zero-coding” development will enable the insurer to roll out a host of new applications in significantly less time than traditional programming approaches require. Appian’s native mobility also spurs user adoption, which is particularly valuable in extending processes to Vermont Mutual’s independent agent network.