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Research and Development

Streamline experiment management and improve throughput.

Increased regulatory scrutiny and skyrocketing costs are hindering research and development. Appian is the key to increased efficiency.

Life Sciences leaders use Appian to manage their projects, timelines and costs.

A large multinational pharmaceutical company used Appian for streamline capture and management date during research and development, along with increasing visibility across their processes. Prior to this they were using excel spreadsheets. Using Appian’s low-code automation platform they were able to unify data and process to ensure proper utilization of experiment results.

  • Manage clinical studies more effectively
    Streamline your clinical operations with visibility and transparency across multiple clinical sites and studies.
  • Future proof your work
    With Appian you can integrate with new and emerging clinical specialty tools and technologies.
  • Get a handle on your data
    Real-time views of your data in a single source, eliminating silos to reduce the time consumed by the clinical trial process.
  • A single source to onboard faster
    Provide the next level of visibility across silos of clinical and financial data.
  • Ensure compliance and promote safety
    Ensure all hospitals and clinics that participate in clinical trials appropriately vet clinicians.
  • Provide more efficient and successful trials
    Use Appian to automate laborious, manual processes and accelerate trial execution.
  • Improve tracking of compounds, biologic molecules, and experiments
    Use Appian to integrate your legacy systems  for increased visibility and agility.
  • Accelerate the early stages of product development
    Ensure control, enable collaboration, and maximize the value of your most precious assets for faster decision-making.
  • Ensure compliance through streamlined practices
    Automate and centralize processes to effectively manage your research and development compounds and comply with ever-changing regulations and GLPs.
  • Be ready to face and respond to change
    Efficiently and effectively manage the multitude of changes that are necessary to meet current study requirements.
  • Connectivity and integrations across systems
    Gain the ability to customize operations to meet your evolving needs as well as changing regulatory requirements.
  • End-to-end connectivity across trial execution
    Connect to existing internal and external data to streamline decision-making.
  • Minimize risk and maximize the impact of your proposals
    Using Appian Case Management, automated workflows to meet the challenges and demands of stakeholder handoffs.
  • Streamline the progress of RFPs via workflows and reminders
    Accelerate turnaround times to reduce stress, meet deadlines, and increase speed and accuracy.
  • Easily analyze information and requirements
    Gain better visibility into contracts, purchase orders, and payments with heightened tracking capabilities.
  • Accelerate your study startup process
    Share source data more efficiently with easier handoffs between functional areas.
  • Ensure adherence to the latest compliance
    Automate compliance processes, gain approvals and review exceptions faster.
  • Maintain accuracy, transparency, and speed
    Case management capabilities to accommodate complex process flows and prevent any potential delays with end-to-end visibility.

This top-tier organization was able to improve its candidate experience and efficiently onboard those needed for critical research, clinical care, and education with our applications.