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Modernize and automate reinsurance processes, reduce operating costs and gain more control with an audit trail.

Leading re-insurers trust Appian.


Connected all data and processes into a unified, natively-mobile application. Their new underwriting application went live in just 4 weeks.


Built a centralized and structured multi-party process to set up, monitor and process claims in an Agile E2E environment.

  • Comprehensive view of clients
    Enable personalized views for cross- and up-sell.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
    Improved oversight of tasks and progress, accountability for decision making, and staff effectiveness.
  • Secure compliance.
    Implement holistic compliance by incorporating new regulations and data sources into onboarding processes.
  • Automate and reduce documentation
    Automate key processes, eliminate repapering to reduce costs, and be more flexible to changing onboarding needs.
  • Comprehensive overview of tasks
    A comprehensive overview for easily managing and planning activities and tasks for internal and external audit projects.
  • Enhance collaboration
    Management of follow-up tasks, risks and issues both internally and externally.
  • Real-time reporting
    Real-time reporting for improved stakeholder visibility.
  • Unified repository
    A centralized repository for documents that cover risks, objectives, and performance.
  • Orchestrate end to end process
    Provide visibility across customer, employee and contract records.
  • Increase data quality and control
    Use automatic rules specific to contracts and agreements.
  • Improve communication and efficiency
    Implement IDP, RPA and AI technology for faster data intake.
  • Agile processing
    Easily adapt to new requirements, changes in format, and rules which need to be correctly handled and controlled.

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