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Appian Guarantee

We turn ideas into enterprise apps in just 8 weeks. Guaranteed.

Business requests for new, transformational software applications are soaring — but 50% of those requests end in failure. (source: IDG)

That’s why we created the Appian Guarantee.

Deliver enterprise applications in record time.

Only the Appian Guarantee provides a focused 8-week delivery period for your application with a flat services fee. A dedicated team of business-savvy delivery experts will guide you to rapid project success.

The Appian Guarantee provides:

Clearly documented guidelines.

Full use of Appian standard features.

Collaborative Appian application design.

Implementation best practices.

Talented team driving project success.

Preparation for the next value release.

We built our first application in about 6 weeks. Now we’re at the point where we can build an application in a day.

– Bill Raczyk, Director, Process Innovation at OCC

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Explore the Appian AI Process Automation Platform.

The Appian Guarantee leverages the power of the Appian AI process automation platform combined with the expertise of our business-savvy delivery teams to solve your digital transformation challenges. See the potential of Appian for yourself. 

We went into the cloud with Appian because it allowed us to do things faster. We needed to ensure a quick return on investment, and Appian allowed us to achieve process efficiencies and make faster, quicker decisions .

– Stephen Shaffer, CIO, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Appian Guarantee

*A maximum of one Appian Guarantee project is available to each Appian customer who develops and deploys in the cloud, purchases Appian software with an annual contract value in excess of an Appian-set minimum, and agrees to fully use standard Appian features and prioritize scope according to the guidelines. These guidelines are best practices for fast delivery as they relate to project delivery methodology, integrations, data manipulation, and data design.

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