Regulatory and compliance.

Gain control and visibility now and future-proof your compliance strategy and infrastructure.

Leading insurance organizations trust Appian.


Deployed a mission-critical pension management system in under 3 months.

Groupama Asset Management

Developed a new product lifecycle management solution to improve compliance and reduce operational risk.

  • Plan and orchestrate at speed
    Streamline the planning and orchestration of IFRS 17 reporting and customize processes to meet your needs.
  • Seamless integrations
    Integrate with accounting systems to optimize required calculations and deliver a streamlined user interface. 
  • Increase visibility
    Monitor and measure processes through task assignment, completion, and reporting.
  • Automate financial processing
    Improve efficiency, automation, and control in financial processing and closing.
  • Improve auditability
    Easily govern the report and change history to promote greater transparency.
  • Strengthen customer confidence
    Safeguard customer data with profile-level access control to maintain compliance while optimizing operations.
  • Increase visibility & auditability
    Easily provide evidence, decisions, and outcomes as required by data privacy regulations.
  • Accelerate resolution
    Expedite resolution of data breach investigations and “right to erasure” requests.
  • Leverage a holistic approach
    Leverage SLAs to manage and ensure evaluations happen in a timely manner.
  • Unify existing systems
    Combine all variant processes with rules and automation to create one orchestrated payment process.
  • Streamline sanction checking
    Enable an end-to-end view on the sanction checking process and unlock greater control and audit capabilities.
  • Accelerate resolution
    Increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction by shortening the time to pay out.
  • Improve exception handling
    Increase efficiency by ensuring exceptions are picked up by the right department and roles to expedite completion.
  • Increase efficiency and control
    Gain real-time insight into audits in progress, including audits related to underwriting, claims, and premiums.
  • Streamline processes
    Orchestrate processes end-to-end, including notification of dates, coordination of tasks, and internal/external communication.
  • Improve audit management
    Easily manage follow-up tasks, risks, and issues with stakeholders and ensure completion with automated rules and reminders.
  • Quickly respond to changing requirements
    Maintain transparency with a full audit history across multiple businesses and regions.