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Business Process Management (BPM) Platform & Software

The power of workflow automation in business applications.

BPM accelerates business efficiency, governance, and results - fast.

Orchestrate people, systems, and data together into streamlined workflows.

Quickly build complex processes

Simplify workflow design.

Empower pro and citizen developers to draw processes like a flow chart, let AI make it better, and store them for faster design next time.

Automate your entire organization.

Orchestrate people, technologies, and data in a single workflow.

Improve performance and results.

Track and analyze organizational needs, inefficiencies, regulatory changes, and trends--to adapt quickly and act effectively.

Automate collaborative work.

Expand the boundaries of BPM to automate work and increase user engagement and collaboration in business processes.

Hear from our customers.

Flowserve Corporation

Flowserve reduced the cycle time of price quoting, and saw 200 percent productivity gains for its worldwide workforce.


Aviva increased the number of same-day claims settlements from 1% to 25%, plus a 530% jump for claims settled within 3 days.

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Simplify the complexity behind workflow design.

Draw processes like a flow chart, enhance them with AI, and save them for a faster start next time.
  • Draw processes.
    Use visual tools to create workflows, let AI suggest the best next step and then add these workflows to your applications.
  • Leverage smart services.
    Quickly enable users to automate business activities like sending emails or writing to a database without writing code.
  • Enforce business rules.
    Easily create and deploy critical decision rules and procedures across your organization.
  • Embed workflows into your apps.
    Quickly and easily design user interfaces, forms, and dashboards for workflow tasks and human-in-control  actions.
Workflow Design App
Build and deploy business rules, workflow, and unify data for consistent user experiences
  • Integrate everything.
    Use no-code connectors and easy-to-configure APIs to orchestrate data, systems,  bots, AI and people in a workflow.
  • Unify data.
    Eliminate silos by unifying data in a single, actionable view.
  • Empower mobility.
    Deliver mobile user experiences across the enterprise with no extra development work.
  • Deploy instantly.
    Use the built-in, continuous delivery of DevSecOps to accelerate innovation and reduce technical debt.
Enterprise Automation
Track and analyze business needs, inefficiencies, regulatory changes, and trends
  • Monitor and manage smarter.
    Visualize processes execution, status, performance, and re-assign tasks in real-time.
  • Leverage dynamic reporting.
    Gain granular analytics and insights into processes and tasks.
  • Assign role-based tasks.
    Assign the right task to the right user, to ensure teams and people get work done fast.
  • Escalate tasks.
    Automatically or manually raise or change task priority, alert a user or group or notify another process.
Improve Enterprise Efficiency and Performance
Automate work, increase user engagement and collaboration in business processes.
  • Boost smart interactions.
    Leverage leading Case Management capabilities to unify user collaboration for better and faster process outcomes.
  • Put people in control.
    Ensure users  and groups access the right data and actions to collaborate efficiently.
  • Easily manage documents.
    Quickly and securely manage and share process-bound documents.
  • Empower social collaboration.
    Share all information and context needed to drive more effective results.
Workflow Automation

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