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The Laborer’s International Union of North America (LIUNA) is one of the most diverse and fastest-growing unions in North America, representing more than 500,000 construction workers, public employees and mail handlers. The union is dedicated to fighting for better wages and benefits, safer job sites, and increased opportunity for the men and women who do the hard and dangerous work of building the North American nations.

Business Problem

Representing such a large number of North American union workers requires dedication and reliable membership services at all times. LiUNA’s Chief Information Officer, Matt Richards, set out to establish a modern BPM solution as a way to deliver accelerated services to the organizations vast reach of members that would allow for increased visibility and accessibility of core labor relations. LiUNA’s legacy application environment was in need of an upgrade, and its mobile tools had a limited set of capabilities that needed to be expanded upon to accommodate a growing mobile workforce.

Appian Solution

LiUNA selected Appian’s Cloud-based Application Platform to modernize and reintroduce its membership management system, which is referred to as LiUNA Officers Site. Appian’s combination of process automation, deep data integration, native mobile application access and a social collaboration interface supports LiUNA’s goal to modernize business processes and leverage technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

Through LiUNA’s process overhaul, members find a strong collective voice which echoes throughout the entire organization, with bargaining rights, better pay and better benefits. This is achieved through a strong representation of over 300 local affiliates, 40 district councils, and hundreds of funds organizations. Efficient process management has been the hallmark of LiUNA’s Appian deployment. Union employees, members, and contractors are connected through a standardized workflow, delivering speed, efficiency, and better training. LiUNA views Appian not just as a process improvement tool, but as a complete data collection enhancement leveraged throughout the entire organization.

“The success of everything LiUNA does as an organization is dependent on the integrity of our membership data, and the speed at which we can organize and advocate for our members. Appian Cloud delivers a comprehensive 21st Century enterprise process and data management system, while simultaneously reducing the burden on our internal IT staff.”

Matt Richard
Chief Information Officer, LiUNA