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Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Appian’s native AI Skill Designer enables you to process content at scale.

Efficiency, accuracy, and real cost-savings with IDP, delivered via the Appian AI Skill Designer

  • Train AI models fast.
    Extract data accurately from unstructured and semi-structured documents like invoices by training models on your specific documents fast.
  • Maintain privacy.
    Train your private models on your own documents natively in Appian—no need to share with third-parties.
  • Build AI Skills via low-code.
    Add IDP, powered by the Appian AI Skill Designer, into workflows with low-code design.
  • Auto classification.
    Easily teach AI to classify documents with just a few sample documents.
AI Skill Email Classification Designer
  • Superior to OCR.
    IDP, powered by the Appian AI Skill Designer, reads and understands documents at a human level.
  • Deep document understanding.
    Understands documents with complex tables, checkboxes, signatures, and handwritten notes.
  • Extract data.
    Extract data from both semi-structured and unstructured documents using pre-built extraction.
AI Skill Document Extraction Designer
  • Train models fast.
    Content training is fast and easy—no need for a team of data scientists.
  • Responsive to change.
    Create new models easily and quickly to avoid data drift.
  • Model versioning.
    Update models without disrupting production by creating and training model versions and keeping a version history.
Machine Learning
  • Process management.
    Seamlessly connect IDP to business processes with industry-leading workflow capabilities.
  • Robotic process automation.
    Extract structured data and hand it off to RPA bots for further downstream processing.
  • Decision rules.
    Use decision tables to determine whether data in documents are compliant.
  • Case management.
    Empower employees by leveraging IDP for case documents.
Process Automation

Extract and structure large volumes of data, fast.

Total control and data privacy.

Quickly train your own AI models and maintain data privacy.

Accurate extraction.

IDP, delivered via the Appian AI Skill Designer, offers the highest accuracy rates.


Machine learning.

Accelerate ROI with AI models that are trained on your own content.

Powerful automation.

Eliminate manual document processing in any workflow.

IDP is delivered via the native AI Skill Designer so you can build reliable, secure, and compliant automations.

Appian’s AI Skills help us get real value from AI without needing a team of data scientists to figure it out. The no-code design made it quick and easy for our developers to incorporate AI into our existing applications.

Matthew Richard

Automation Kick-Start

Complimentary use-case validation and value assessment.

If you understand the value of AI content processing but aren’t sure if your use case is a good candidate for automation, the Automation Kick-Start program is perfect for you. Our automation experts will review your use case and offer you an assessment of its validity and potential ROI.