Corporate services.

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all corporate functions.

Transform complex, disconnected processes and systems in weeks–not months or years.

  • Unify systems and data
    Combine data from legacy core systems, spreadsheets, and more to enable a single 360-degree view.
  • Increase actuary efficiency
    Empower actuaries to focus on more high-impact tasks, like modeling and forecasting, and reduce the chance of human error.
  • Accelerate time to market
    Automate complex workflows end to end to translate actuarial findings into pricing for existing and new products.
  • Improve auditability
    Create a full audit trail of actuarial calculations and ensure solvency model tests meet regulatory standards.
appian complex insurance policy underwriting dashboard metrics
  • Single, comprehensive record
    Maintain a single, comprehensive record per employee that tracks all activity over the course of their employment, including a detailed audit trail.
  • Self-service portal
    Provide a self-service portal to manage employee requests and a knowledge library of HR documentation and articles.
  • Extend HR systems
    Incorporate HR systems like Peoplesoft, Workday, and ADP for end-to-end processes and a single record of truth.
  • Continuous insight and learning
    Improve visibility and reporting around all HR processes to proactively identify improvements.
  • Streamline processes
    Streamline IT request management to innovate faster: demand intake, approvals and delivery.
  • Ensure consistency
    Use business rules for data validation, approval, role based access, and engagement document types.
  • Track IT requests and projects
    Gain insight into applications across departments with version development, deployment, and related processes.
  • Provide stakeholder transparency
    Gain a unified view with real-time metrics, self-service reporting, notifications, and audit history.
  • Unify and extend systems.
    Connect and enhance existing solutions, ERP systems, and project management tools.
  • Improve negotiations
    Create a single view of contracts, suppliers, purchase history, and projects to be more strategic in sourcing and negotiations.
  • Reduce sourcing cycle times
    Improve and shorten sourcing times with streamlined workflow, collaboration, and monitoring.
  • Improve supplier relationships
    Create clarity and collaboration across contracting, onboarding, communications, and performance measurement.
  • Automate procurement process
    Automate the end-to-end procurement and contracting lifecycle to save time and money.
  • Unify data
    Create a single, unified view of cash and assets and increase visibility across operations, including contracts, terms, and more.
  • Increase efficiency
    Eliminate spreadsheets and other manual processes with automation capabilities to improve productivity.
  • Improve visibility
    Increase visibility around contracts and vendors to better understand commitments, assess risks, and take action on changes.
  • Pinpoint improvement areas
    Assess operating expenses and monitor labor utilization to identify performance improvements areas and establish policy changes.
appian finance command center home dashboard

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