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Complete automation capabilities to achieve Hyperautomation.

Automating your enterprise requires more than task automation, you need hyperautomation.

What is Hyperautomation?

According to Gartner, "Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders lack a defined strategy to scale automation with tactical and strategic goals. They must deliver end-to-end automation beyond RPA by combining complementary technologies to augment business processes.” Gartner refers to this as “hyperautomation.”

Appian delivers best-of-breed Hyperautomation capabilities.

Appian delivers unified workflow, RPA, AI, decision rules, API integrations, intelligent document processing, and case management in a low-code environment. Based on a framework that empowers business and IT, Appian enables rapid discovery, delivery, monitoring, and optimization of enterprise automations. Hyperautomation with Appian enables organizations to scale beyond RPA, driving digital transformation and hyper-efficient enterprises.

Hyperautomation initiatives are a critical path toward achieving desired business outcomes...This task-level digitization is the foundation for process-level and cross-functional enablement of decision making for business agility and resiliency.

 Gartner, Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022: Hyperautomation

Have questions about hyperautomation for your enterprise?

Hyperautomation combines automation technologies to:

Automate any business process end-to-end.

Enable your modern workforce with the right capabilities.

Add intelligence and insight to automation with AI and ML.

Provide insight into automation ROI for continued scale.

The combination of these trends around automation, artificial intelligence, and low-code development is the heart of hyperautomation.

Neil Ward-Dutton, IDC