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IT’s Changing Mandate in an Age of Disruption

An Economist Intelligence Unit report sponsored by Appian.

This report throws down the gauntlets to IT departments. Backlogs are increasing and more work is spilling into non-IT development because the business needs more apps. At same time, there’s overwhelming agreement that apps need to be better to weather the next shock. Learn why “Integrating information and workflows across the organization” and “Changing systems and processes quickly” are top areas for improvement.

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Transforming the CIO and the business relationship.

The need for business agility, spurred by COVID, is causing IT to forge a new role based on its ability to deliver organizational resilience. To understand this shift and what it means for IT/business collaboration, The Economist Intelligence Unit, supported by Appian, conducted a global survey and a series of in-depth interviews with IT and business decision-makers at major corporations. Results show that:

  • 83% of respondents say adapting better to external change requires moderate-to-considerable IT infrastructure and apps improvement.
  • Supporting remote workers (72%), integrating information and workflows across the organization (69%), and changing systems and processes quickly (69%) are the top 3 areas for improvement.
  • 71% report that relatively few of their applications have AI and/or machine learning capabilities, and 57% report that RPA projects often fail.
  • 3-12 months is the average backlog for planned IT projects, and the situation is worsening as business project demand outstrips IT budget growth.

Download the report to learn more.