Security, agility, and scalability for rapid IT defense modernization.

Defense agencies have critical missions with far-reaching impact, so it’s crucial they’re equipped with the means to accomplish those missions effectively and efficiently. Learn more about how a unified low-code platform helps streamline operations while breaking down data silos for more effective defense workflows.

Accelerate organizational change to support the DoD mission.

Discover how organizations improve and accelerate acquisition modernization, logistics and asset management, as well as manpower and personnel readiness.

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U.S. Air Force

The Air Force’s CON-IT program is a model for successful digital transformation in the Department of Defense. CON-IT migrated all of its contracting officers to a single contract management system.

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Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

DISA developed a cloud-based and mobile-enabled Integrated Defense Enterprise Acquisition System that is the largest and most comprehensive BPM-based acquisition management solution at the Department of Defense.

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U.S. Marine Corps

The Marine Corps Recruiting Command Information Support System II (MCRISS II) supports 100% of the Marine Corps’s recruiters facilitating the recruitment and accession of approximately 40,000 new Marines each year.

  • Requirements Management
    Improve how contracting and program teams collaborate when defining, reviewing, and finalizing procurement requirements and acquisition strategies. 
  • Contract Writing
    Reduce contract writing time while achieving greater control and compliance through automation and machine learning.
  • Award Management
    Never miss a deadline with proactive management of funding, spending, contract dates, and automation.
  • DoD Investigative Case Management
    Intelligent and integrated applications that enable automation across the DoD investigation lifecycle.
  • Recruiting
    Recruiters focus on hiring the best candidates instead of doing paperwork by capturing, storing and routing all documents. Mobile CAC enabled access across the enterprise.
  • Employee and Contractor Onboarding
    A compliant application and process to onboard new employees and contractors that organizations can adapt quickly, and securely post adjudication.
  • Asset Data Management
    Modernize and automate defense logistics, asset data management and cataloging while improving data quality from flagpole to front line.
  • Field Service Management
    Modernize and standardize processes that manage field resources and gain insight into the deployment lifecycle.
  • Fleet and Asset Management
    Gain real-time visibility into field activities and resolution status with DoD vehicle and asset tracking. Fix or replace in real-time.

The Air Force is committed to modernizing our legacy business systems in a cost-effective manner, adopting commercial best practices like agile software techniques and implementing extensible, scalable cloud technologies like the business process management capabilities provided by industry partners like Appian.

- Richard T. Aldridge, Program Executive Officer for Business and Enterprise Systems and a member of the Senior Executive Service, U.S. Air Force

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