Security, agility and scalability for defense IT modernization.

Defense and intelligence organizations trust our agile low-code applications to support the modern warfighter and their missions globally.

  • Requirements Management
    Improve how contracting and program teams collaborate when defining, reviewing, and finalizing procurement requirements and acquisition strategies. 
  • Contract Writing
    Reduce contract writing time while achieving greater control and compliance through automation and machine learning.
  • Award Management
    Never miss a deadline with proactive management of funding, spending, contract dates, and automation.
  • DoD Investigative Case Management
    Intelligent and integrated applications that enable automation across the DoD investigation lifecycle.
  • Recruiting
    Recruiters focus on hiring the best candidates instead of doing paperwork by capturing, storing and routing all documents. Mobile CAC enabled access across the enterprise.
  • Employee and Contractor Onboarding
    A compliant application and process to onboard new employees and contractors that organizations can adapt quickly, and securely post adjudication.
  • Asset Data Management
    Modernize and automate defense logistics, asset data management and cataloging while improving data quality from flagpole to front line.
  • Field Service Management
    Modernize and standardize processes that manage field resources and gain insight into the deployment lifecycle.
  • Fleet and Asset Management
    Gain real-time visibility into field activities and resolution status with DoD vehicle and asset tracking. Fix or replace in real-time.

The Air Force is committed to modernizing our legacy business systems in a cost-effective manner, adopting commercial best practices like agile software techniques and implementing extensible, scalable cloud technologies like the business process management capabilities provided by industry partners like Appian.

- Richard T. Aldridge, Program Executive Officer for Business and Enterprise Systems and a member of the Senior Executive Service, U.S. Air Force

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