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What's New in Appian 23.4?

Self-service analytics, faster app translation, improved document extraction, and better user experiences.


  • High accuracy document extraction (coming soon) – Train a custom entity extraction model using private AI to accurately extract data from even unlabeled fields.
  • Data fabric chat component – Add a component to your interface that lets users quickly answer data questions using conversational AI—powered by Appian AI Copilot and protected by private AI.


  • Microsoft Excel module – Automate even more workflows with new and enhanced actions for Excel files. 
  • Fine-tune robot security – Manage security settings while creating bots to define who sees, edits, or manages those bots with just a few clicks.

Data Fabric

  • Self-service analytics (preview) – Empower business users to explore their data fabric in real time, quickly create reports, and access powerful AI insights.

Total Experience

  • Faster app translation – Quickly create multilingual apps and easily build and export translation strings using the translation set design object. 
  • Sidebar navigation and page groups – Deliver a first-class navigation experience to your users with natively responsive sidebar layouts and page groups.

23.4 Product Announcement Webinar

Join Malcolm Ross, SVP of Product Strategy, along with experts from Appian as they walk through the latest features and enhancements.

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