Managing the Faster Pace of Low-Code Powered Innovation

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Low-code is a game changer on many levels. It can accelerate development by 20x over traditional full-stack coding, and business context can be incorporated into development continuously.

Yet the acceleration enabled by low-code platforms has thrown companies into a new world of high-speed change. Companies must prepare themselves and their staff for low-code in a thoughtful, deliberate manner.

Low-code does not just change development; it also changes how companies must manage innovation.  Read this paper to understand how to overcome these challenges and maximize low-code platform value through:

  • Truly agile software development: Low-code enables a far more fully realized form of agility
  • Alignment and design: When more can be done faster, guidance is crucial
  • Changed roles: New team structures are needed
  • Evolution of culture: Embracing low-code sets new expectations for how people work together