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Shifting to a Hyperautomation Mindset

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The recent explosion in automation across organizations has led to a harmful narrative of “man vs. machine” amongst many business users . The threat of people being automated out of jobs by armies of 24x7 bots has turned the prospect of helpful automation into a sharply divided topic.

Hear Malcolm Ross, Appian Vice President, Product Strategy & Deputy CTO, LiUNA CIO, Matthew Richard, and Luis González Gugel, Deloitte Robotics, Robotics Partner Manager, explore shifting to a Hyperautomation mindset: people enabled by machines.

Hyperautomation, the combination of full-stack automation and an effective implementation methodology, will help you scale automation to transform your enterprise, with people in the driver’s seat where they belong.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • What capabilities and methodology are needed to effectively automate at scale.
  • How LiUNA is using a Hyperautomation mindset to transform their business.
  • Why Deloitte Robotics promotes hybrid workforces that combine the best of human and robotic capabilities.