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Access information quickly to make the best hiring decisions.

Hiring and on-boarding qualified employees and contractors is important for all government agencies. Recruiting involves multiple steps, departments, forms and people. Many human resources departments still rely on manual processes that create inefficiencies and errors, frustrating managers and creating unnecessary delays in the hiring process.

Appian enables recruiting teams to focus on hiring the best candidates instead of doing paperwork by capturing, storing and routing all documents. The application also automates employee and contractor on-boarding, off-boarding, and security processing. Agencies can centralize hiring activities with a unified view of candidates, a self-service portal to interact with those candidates, and streamlined recruiting processes—to deliver a positive and efficient hiring experience.

Features at a glance:
  • Gain enterprise visibility and control across the hiring lifecycle
  • Integrate recruiting data with existing HR systems for collaboration and transparency
  • Streamline and improve the candidate journey with configurable workflows
  • Improve implementation of personnel security standards, processes, and practices