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Corporate Operations

Accelerate corporate operations with automation.

Increase visibility into employee onboarding status across life sciences to get the pharmaceuticals and medical devices into the hands of patients who need them, faster.

  • Dynamically adapt to evolving financial regulations
    Automate complex revenue recognition and contract tracking processes to serve patients better.
  • Easily handle evolving requirements for recognizing revenue
    Achieve compliance with the latest financial accounting regulations to get your products to market faster.
  • Inform business decisions with timely, accurate revenue information
    Give your organization a proactive, adaptable approach to manage revenue recognition in accordance with regulations, improving compliance and oversight.
  • Improve IT request management from intake through delivery and maintenance
    With Appian, life sciences organizations can deliver a seamless request experience and improve visibility and execution across the IT asset lifecycle.
  • Provide Stakeholder Transparency
    Reduce request process cycle times to improve team productivity and increase stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Streamline IT System Requests to Innovate Faster
    Rely on the Appian digital application platform to deliver a seamless request experience and improve IT lifecycle management for maximum patient value

With Appian, a leading international research organization improved visibility for revenue reporting and forecasting to enable more efficient work tracking and billing processes, giving them significant market advantage.

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