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Realizing Modern BPM Through Smarter Business Apps

Staff, Appian
November 12, 2015

We hear it all the time. Modernize. Change. Evolve.

These are terms that forward-looking organizations like to throw around, but what does it all mean? CIOs and senior IT leaders are faced with a continuedchallenge. How do you transform business from its current state to one of growth and competitive advantage?

It's not a one-step solution. Modernizing an IT department requires an understanding of how today's most innovative workplace tools must function together to achievemaximum business growth and customer success.

Appian CEO Matt Calkins recently spoke with Integration Developer News on how today's fast-paced business climate requires a better way to modernize enterprise operations by building and deploying smarter apps.

But what does Matt mean by apps being smarter?

Appiancombines BPM's power to build apps by drawing a picture or flowchart, but with an important twist, making it easier for apps to share data and run on multiple devices ñ often with little or no coding.

"BPM has the ability to make an app just by drawing a picture, and I just love that," said Matt. "But, the new demand is not simply to be able to build apps faster. Every software [app] should be able to run on any device; and access the data it needs from everywhere,"

Organizations across all industries rely on connecting data and process within their apps, accessible from any device ñ PC, laptop, tablet, wearable or other Internet of Things devices.

Read the full article from Integration Developer News and download our BPM Guide to keep up with the latest industry trends and insights.

-Mike Ingrisano, Media Relations Manager