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Washington Business Journal: Appian Defining a New Era in Custom Application Development

Staff, Appian
September 24, 2014

It's an exciting time at Appian as we move towards the close of 2014. Not only do we continue to grow our company at an increasing rate, but we are also prime to bring clarity to the cluttered custom application development industry.

Recently our President and CEO Matt Calkins sat down with the Washington Business Journal to discuss how Appian has big plans to remake the world of custom software with our BPM-driven enterprise application platform.

This evolution of Appian (and the BPM industry) is about helping organizations make better use of the $100 billion or so spent every year to develop the custom solutions that can't be bought off the shelf. These are the applications that institutionalize and reinforce a company's uniqueness in a market. They are also the most burdensome applications to introduce, use and maintain. Our application platform removes the burden, accelerating business improvement and innovation by, as Matt likes to say, "allowing organizations to be great at being different."

"I want us to be known for this," Matt said during the sit down interview. "I want people to be thinking that we are the most innovative company in a $100 billion market, and that will give us the identity that I want us to have on Wall Street," (In reference to Appian's future plans).

The custom software industry is not the friendliest of subjects for CIOs and IT leaders.

According to Matt, "It's half the software world, but it's a half that has a very bad answer today. If you ask any IT leader, what is your least favorite piece of software in your whole organization, they will undoubtedly point to a piece of custom software."

Matt has expressed that the "secret sauce" to custom software lies within an application platform that is both user-friendly for IT and the everyday business worker. By using the drag and drop design architecture of BPM, organizations can deploy dozens of applications across an entire business allowing employees to be made aware of and take action on issues critical to business growth.

This is where we see industry trends pointing, and we are committed to leading the way!

-Mike Ingrisano, Media Relations Manager