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Appian and DFW Modernize the Airport Experience with an Application Platform

Staff, Appian
December 3, 2014

Now that we're back from a restful (and tasty) Thanksgiving break, it's on to the rest of the holiday season. It's practically here!

More time off, surrounded by family and friends is on the way. What a wonderful time of year!

Unfortunately, it's not all sunshine and rainbows, or in this case, snow and sleigh bells. Many holiday go-ers dread this time of year for one reason alone: Travel. And even scarier: Airport travel.

Whether it's delayed flights, long security lines, or wandering through the terminal confused as to where your gate may be, many families elect to drive to their favorite holiday destinations instead of dealing with airports.

Fortunatelyfor those traveling by air, one airport seems to have cracked the code to modernizing the airport experience.

And we're talking about no small airport here. In fact, this customer experience transformation is taking place at the world's third-busiest airport...Bigger than Manhattan Island!

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has rolled out 18 new custom software applications in six months using Appian's cloud-based application platform. During an interview with the Dallas Business Journal, DFW Vice President & CIO William Flowers, along with Appian CEO & Founder Matt Calkins, described how the airport has leveraged Appian's process solution to roll-out applications across the entire airport, relating to human resources, terminal maintenance, and air side safety inspections.

DFW's entire application platform can be accessed via mobile devices so that employees across multiple departments have instant access to data in order to make quicker business decision at any time. The softwaremodernization also helps DFW reach its goal of reducingpaper consumption by 50 percent facility-wide.

Earlier this year at Appian World 2014, Flowers expressed how harnessing social collaboration, cloud, analytics/data, and mobile has allowed DFW to achieve new found success across the entire airport.

"I looked at our solution as a Grand Slam," said Flowers. "Appian gave us the opportunity to take advantage of each technology rolled into one platform."

Read the entire article to learn more about how Appian is enabling DFW to become the airport of the future!

-Mike Ingrisano, Media Relations Manager