Wired.com: Appian CTO on How to Make Mobile More Than Just a Feature

Ben Farrell,
November 8, 2013

Our CTO Michael Beckley has a new thought-piece on Wired.com. At Appian, we see two broad camps of mobile strategy taking shape. One is the enterprise that views mobile as a "feature" - an add-on, something nice to have. This organization asks "Why Mobile?" The other is the enterprise that embraces how intrinsic mobility now is to society, and therefore to business, and views mobile IT as a necessity to compete today and in the future. This organization asks "Why Not Mobile?"

Well, one reason is that mobile is hard, costly, and time-consuming. If you do it the wrong way. Which is to say, if you approach it as traditional application development. Mike's column looks at an entirely different way to approach the Mobile Enterprise. Spoiler alert: Appian is delivering it today with our no-code native Mobile BPM and SAIL architecture for responsive, dynamic user interfaces.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

Ben Farrell