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Staying Connected With BPM [Video]

Appian Contributor
July 9, 2013

Today's changing business environment means it's more important than ever that employees stay connected regardless of where they are.

By using modern business process management, organizations have the ability to access information from all data silos across the enterprise. Everyone can stay connected and tackle problems in real-time across a range of platforms ñ mobile, social and the cloud.

Modern BPM can help companies coordinate projects across hundreds or even thousands of locations and can be easily tailored to support all project aspects - from planning, roll-out and data collection to providing up-to-the minute status reports across an entire network.

Organizations using BPM systems can also better capture the details of a project to solve problems faster. BPM also drives faster, more valuable collaborations by allowing employees to communicate across platforms and share rich multimedia content such as videos, images and voice notes. Instead of simply being told what is happening, workers can actually see it.

In addition, BPM applications allow organizations to store all their data, processes, documents and collaborations in one environment, accessed through a simple social interface, for an easy-to-use approach.

The increased level of connection that modern business process management systems provide helps companies and their employees remain proactive by allowing fast access to enterprise-wide critical information through one platform. That helps employees make better, more-informed decisions that lead to better long-term results.