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Identifying the best processes key for BPM success

Ben Farrell
March 7, 2013

Creating business process innovation is not always easy. Businesses striving to maximize the value of their processes have to take a strategic approach to BPM and be willing to make meaningful changes to how workers get the job done. While BPM software and similar solutions can make that much easier and add value to process-focused strategies, all of the gains begin by choosing the right process tactics. Organizations can do a few thingsto make good decisions about operations.

Start with statistics, but don't stay too long at the executive table

Performance metrics, market analysis and other statistical measures can go a long way in telling companies what they need to do better. However, process changes have a major impact on people and how they get the job done. If organizations spend too long focusing on the numbers, they risk losing sight of their employees and creating a top-down mandate that can create frustration within work environments.Using statistics well is important, but businesses have to be careful not to get carried away and try to automate so many things that people stop mattering in the process equation.

Create a diverse team

Once initial statistical analysis is complete and basic goals are in place, work with employees to figure out how to turn those goals into processes. Take a few workers from each department, make sure they are not all managers, get more people involved from work areas that may see more change and give all of these individuals a voice in how different process changes could impact their job. The varied perspectives in this kind of team can provide diverse ideas. It also helps ensure that workers feel heard during the transition and are not as quick to reject change.

Pilot the program

Developing a pilot area where process innovation can be tested with a small group of workers is a good way to make sure the company is heading in the right direction. A lot of ideas canmake sense in theory but not in practice.By piloting the BPM initiative, organizations can experiment with new ideas and make sure the majority of employees only end up seeing the best possible processes.

BPM centers around choosing the right processes to build around. Companies that take a strategic approach to developing process innovation can get off to a good start toward improving productivity and revenue potential.