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Gartner rates Appian 'strong positive'

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
December 12, 2013

In its latest Marketscope report on cloud BPM PaaS, Gartner rated Appian's BPM software a "strong positive," the highest possible rank on the report.

With advantages for business process automation, application development, process connectivity, information management and collaboration, BPM solutions have to provide more today in order to gain recognition. Delivering process management software in the cloud to improve access, flexibility, scalability and development support ensures that these tools are optimized for any end user. The "strong positive" ranking Appian's cloud BPM solutions received mark it at the top of its class.

"Strong positive is viewed as a provider of strategic products, services or solutions. Customers: Continue with planned investments. Potential customers: Consider this vendor a strong choice for strategic investments," the report notes regarding the ranking.

Gartner's ranking is based on the growing demand for PaaS BPM solutions, and how these technologies are transforming business operations on the whole. The study found that 75 percent of businesses plan to invest in PaaS technologies, specifically for process management, in the near future.

bpmPaaS solutions provide several advantages of on-premise BPM software, including improved testing environments, accelerated time to benefit and optimization of IT resources. By targeting the cloud, rather than on-site servers to support process management software, enterprises are devoting resources toward optimization rather than taxing their current technology. This helps to ensure success and refocus efforts on gaining real value from BPM services.

In addition to these benefits, many firms find that PaaS services enhance their ability to control, adjust and customize their BPM options around unique operational needs. Rather than being forced to change processes to meet the capabilities of their BPM suite, a company can focus on maintaining course and help employees adapt faster by only changing the support and productivity of its actions.

Ultimately, BPM solutions have to offer more today than management of workflow, and bpmPaaS solutions ensure that enterprises are able to optimize the many pathways between operations and ROI. Investing in Appian's high-quality BPM solutions delivers these qualities and more, including mobile and social support if needed. Selecting the best possible BPM solutions will boost success rates and ease the transition to the new technologies that are shaping the way businesses interact today.

"Appian Cloud is a secure, scalable and reliable way to create a more nimble and adaptive organization. It is the fastest way to realize the full benefits of our modern work platform," Matthew Calkins, president and CEO of Appian, said.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing

Malcolm Ross