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Cloud market may be poised for expansion in 2013

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
February 11, 2013

The cloud computing market is changing fast as the technology matures and organizations look at new approaches to deploying solutions. According to a recent Network World report, ongoing developments in the cloud sector will probably lead to considerable growth in the industry in 2013. In fact, the cloud could end up expanding at a faster rate than that indicated by Moore's Law.

As companies adapt to the rising popularity of cloud computing, they may need to adjust their processes in light of the technology's capabilities. Business process management software can play an integral role in making this happen.

Tracking the cloud's progress

The news source explained that cloud computing is moving at a somewhat unexpected pace. Going into 2012, Gartner projected that the technology would become a reality in business environments. Looking at this prediction from a vendorperspective, the cloud did not necessarily become much more real, or diverse, during the year. The areas where the cloud was already popular, such as Software-as-a-Service, grew, but niche cloud markets did not necessarily move away from theoretical or early adopter uses into mainstream reality.

While cloud technologies themselves may not seem much more real after 2012, the report said its role in business settings is. While core cloud solutions may have been the only ones to really experience marked growth in 2012, the areas where the cloud is used diversified substantially. Organizations in a variety of fields have embraced the technology, contributing to an environment in which significant momentum has been gained moving forward.

The rapid pace of cloud growth could create major problems. The news source explained that the cloud could rise faster than Moore's Law would normally dictate. This progression would create major data, management, governance and security challenges.

BPM software can help organizations handle the cloud's rise.

Considering BPM to support the cloud

BPM services can go a long way in helping organizations do a better job supporting cloud operations. By deploying the technology, companies gain access to a variety of systems that integrate various cloud solutions and enable process automation to be used throughout the corporate landscape. This makes it much easier to align cloud solutions with business process needs. In response, businesses can use the cloud coupled with BPM to drive maximum gains from the technology. An unmanaged cloud system can overwhelm workers, create overhead costs and become difficult to deal with. A cloud solution supported by BPM software can ensure thata company's cloud setup is adapted to work optimally with business processes.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing

Malcolm Ross