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BPM supports critical change

Ben Farrell
October 11, 2013

Lifecycle, management and procedural changes all require extensive support for success. Regardless of industry, enterprises have to carefully manage their processes and strategies for change in order to optimize these efforts and expedite them in a timely fashion. Beyond keeping employees, management practices and clients up to date, businesses also have to consider internal operations and the company processes that make up daily workflow.

In order to streamline growth opportunities when it comes to making key operational changes, companies should consider the advantages of business process management software. These tools support the standardization of operations, promote efficiency and compliance and help centralize service in both the front and back office. From streamlining client-facing processes to boosting management efficiency, the right BPM software plays a major role when enterprises are looking for change.

Data management

One of the key benefits firms gain when investing in BPM solutions when focusing on change is the ability to better manage their information. Proper utilization of data is a key part of growing, and firms that are able to streamline the organization and use of information of all types will be able to focus on the processes and goals.

Performance management

Beyond the use of data is the actual performance of employees. Better time and resource management through process automation will help optimize workflow for individual employees, teamwork and the company as a whole. This will boost performance and ensure that a firm is on track, which increases adherence to policy and process changes and helps employees adapt faster.

Social management

Integration of social media into business processes is a major change that many firms are beginning to adopt. As sucha critical alteration to operations, companies need to ensure they are focused wholeheartedlyon this integration. Partial investments will result in issues and challenges down the road. Looking to worksocial solutions with social BPM will optimize the integration of social networks with internal workflow and help optimize employee adoption of these tools to boost collaboration and other productivity efforts, including future changes.

The ultimate benefit of investing in BPM to support change is the streamlining of improvements as part of everyday workflow. However, companies need to ensure they are using optimized process management solutions for their unique needs and adapt to the changes smoothly. The best possible tools will be those that lineup with a firm's vision and goals succinctly, without room for confusion or questions.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications