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BPM Software for Modern Case Management Solutions

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
August 13, 2013

What is Case Management?

Case management effects just about everyone and most of us won't even know about it. Your employer will likely have a Human Resources (HR) case file on you to keep track of your application, on-boarding forms, interview notes, employee records and benefits. There is a medical case file with every visit to a doctor's office or to the hospital withyour contact and insurance information, medical history, appointments, treatments, diagnosis, and prescriptions. There would also be a case for everyreported automotive accident, worker's compensation claim, and an insurance loss.

How organizations manage these cases is essentially, case management. The business and processrequirements for managing cases are complex. Case management is also dynamic and unpredictable. Every case interaction with a customer is different and important. How quickly a caseworker closes a case depends on many variables that may be outside of one's control. The outcome in terms of case resolution, customer satisfaction, and quality varies widely, which makes it difficult to control for consistent results. Ineffective case management can lead to low customer satisfaction, a drop in account retention rate, poor employee morale,negativecompany reputation, and decrease in sales revenue.

Case Management Requirements and Challenges

Despite the complexity and unpredictability of case management, there are consistent requirements. Case management usually requires process governance, records and content management, social collaboration, and reports. Traditionally, case management is highly manual with bounded paper copies of the process and procedures, printed documents filed in case folders, scattered email correspondence and scribbled notes from client interactions. Needless to say, traditional case management methodologies are prone to errors and delays.

Effective Case Management Solutions

Technology innovations paved the way for more effective and modern case management. There are many case management software solutions to help manage case workflows, rules, and policies to increase case handling efficiency and consistency. A comprehensive case management software platform can manage the myriad of case information, documents, images, interactions, and reports that accumulate throughout a case life cycle.

While there are many industry-specific case management solutions in the marketplace, a platform approach works best. A modern software platform enables flexible, scalable case management solutions that can evolve with a growing organization and keep up with changing industry trends. Appian's award-winning BPM software provides theplatform to create dynamic case management solutions and other modern software applications.

Learn why Appian is a leader and one of the top vendors in dynamic case management. Explore how you could use Appian's BPM software platform to empower caseworkers and expedite case resolutions.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing

Cindy Cheng