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Automating business processes gives rise to new innovations

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
July 8, 2013

Improving business workflow and ensuring that employees are as productive as possible may seem like an impressive task to undertake, but the more a firm automates its processes, the easier those goals become. Everything from human resources to IT tasks can be automated with the right business process software and approach to the process, and companies need to get both right in order to optimize operations.

At the same time, automating business processes provides some significant benefits that no company can ignore, from speeding up implementation of new enterprise social solutions to promoting stronger integration technologies like mobile devices. Understanding how BPM software and automation can help improve workflow and seeing the results in action are very different, however, and in order to gain those benefits firms will need to take the plunge.

Predictive analytics and big data

The latest solutions for addressing the big data trend are predictive analytics solutions, which can address risks and improvements before they occur and help companies get more value from their data. Business process management software can help firms embrace predictive analytics tools and integrate them with the areas of operations they will help the most by freeing up time and resources to dedicate to this new technology.

Social media

Social BPM is one of the biggest benefits that automation provides to companies. By streamlining the integration of social networking with business workflow, firms will be able to engage employees on a new level and provide significant advantages to productivity and worker engagement. By automating this integration, however, companies can implement it faster and make these tools easier to use, increasing the overall advantages they provide.


Virtualization is one of the latest trends to hit both businesses and their data centers. Virtualizing servers, employee desktop environments and other resources can save firms money, time, effort and help them be more efficient. The automation of key IT business processes will streamline the migration to virtual machines and ensure that companies don't falter when switching over to this optimized system.

In the plethora of ways that Appian BPM software can improve operations for a company, all benefits are equal. It's the specific solutions that a firm wants to implement that stand out, and by understanding how a company can get the most out of automating processes when implementing these new trends, it will be able to do so faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost in the long run.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing