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BYOX: Rise of the Apps

Alena Davis, Appian
September 20, 2012

Mobile Device Management (MDM). Enterprise Managed Mobility. Bring Your Own Device (BYOX). All of these phrases and acronyms add up to one major point: more and more people are using smartphones and tablets, and they want to use them in the workplace. CIOs are struggling with the pros and cons of allowing employees to access corporate data anytime, anywhere, and on any device. What comes next for the mobile enterprise? To learn more about these issues, Appian invites you to join us at BYOX: Rise of the Apps.

Appian is a proud silver sponsor of OVUM's BYOX: Rise of the Apps conference in London on September 25, 2012. This event will look at the evolution of the BYOX phenomenon. CIOs are beginning to move beyond simple MDM strategies to creating their own portfolio of productivity-related mobile applications for the workplace.

At the conference, Appian's EMEA Director, Justin Thomas, will help you overcome BYOX challenges with a worksocial approach. The rising demand for enterprise mobile applications is putting increased pressures on IT at a time when skills and budgets are already stretched. At the same time, employee and customer expectations are growing for simple social interface collaboration. Worksocial, the next innovation in business process management (BPM) software, eases IT's burden. Worksocial enables native mobile apps across all major platforms with zero additional coding, and eliminates platform-by-platform maintenance issues. It also brings work into the realm of social technology.

In his presentation, Mr. Thomas will explain how a worksocial approach built on next-generation BPM software can turn the Mobile and Social revolution into cost-effective business value by:

    • Dramatically reducing the cost and skills requirements for producing full-function native mobile apps

    • Allowing access to any corporate data, and action on that data, from any device (mobile phone, tablet, and desktop/laptop)

    • Bringing measurable meaning to social in the enterprise, and its impact on work

That's not all you'll learn at BYOX: Rise of the Apps. The conference will also help you:

    • Understand the Mobile Device Management and Enterprise Managed Mobility vendor landscape

    • Learn how local market data privacy and industry compliance regulation should be driving your business's BYOX strategy

    • Discover what the real value is of a BYOX strategy beyond traditional TCO-based measures so you can plan effectively and build support within your organization

    • Plan how you can move beyond managing employee provisioned devices to managing a new portfolio of mobilized enterprise applications

We hope to see you there! Visit us at booth #1 and enter our prize drawing. If you're unable to join us in London, but want to learn more about the advantages of mobile enterprise applications, we invite you to check out our Mobile BPM, which allows enterprises to connect employees to their critical business processes on native apps for all the major mobile platforms.

Alena Callaghan

Web Marketing Manager

Alena Callaghan