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Appian Delivers Cloud Benefits to Amazon Web Services

Ben Farrell
April 28, 2011

You and your partners are often your own best customers. That was proven at our recent Appian World 2011 conference in a presentation by Teresa Carlson, VP Public Sector for Amazon Web Services. According to the presentation, the company cut infrastructure costs by 86 percent by using its Appian BPM software license in its own cloud computing environment. We have a new white paper that explains it all.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a cloud computing infrastructure for hosting Web-scale solutions, Carlson explained. Customers in 190 countries currently use AWS for such functions as storage, computing, and database applications, Carlson said.

Appian is a Global AWS Solutions Provider, offering cloud-friendly licensing for its BPM suite. Amazon is a user of the Appian BPM suite for financial applications, and recently moved the suite to the AWS cloud.

In addition to the afore-mentioned 86 percent reduction in infrastructure costs through this initiative, Carlson said the company was able to reduce infrastructure procurement time, eliminated the lease return process, and enabled 100 percent data persistence.

This type of project has several critical components for success, Carlson noted. It requires strong executive commitment and a motivated engineering team. The application itself must have "high cloud readiness" and require low migration effort. Finally, it requires a strong relationship with your vendors.

If your organization has that type of stakeholder buy-in, you too can use cloud computing to realize substantial operating savings while improving your business processes at the same time.

-Ben Farrell, Director, Corporate Communications