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Throwing down the Gauntlet with Appian 6

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
April 16, 2010

The past 6 months have been some of the most exciting times for Appian on all fronts, from dramatic market consolidation, to amazing customer growth for Appian. It seems this cycle of success for Appian really kicked off with the release of Appian's most powerful BPM platform yet, Appian 6. Appian 6 has dramatically accelerated the speedcustomers can deploy and manage their BPM applications and improve their enterprise processes. With innovative features like fit-for-purpose BPM dashboards and one-click deployment of BPM applications, customers who have migrated from Appian 5 to Appian 6 have raved about the benefits and accelerated process improvement they have received after upgrading.

After Appian 6 was released, Appian committed itself to change the way wedelivered software. As our SaaS business has grown, Appian has changed to the development methodology of a SaaS company. This means, rapid releases, effortless upgrades, and a continuous stream of new features being introduced into the platform. The pace of innovation at Appian has tripled since the release of Appian 6 and the features inour pipeline are guaranteed to shake-up the BPM market. As other BPM vendors are looking to cash out and leave their customers holding the bag, Appian is "throwing down the gauntlet" to the competition, challenging them to match Appian in innovation and customer success.


With that note, Appian has made available the latest version of Appian 6 for download from Appian Forum. Appian Anywhere customersusing the Appian SaaS service will be upgraded automatically to the latest version of Appian.

Despite the version number indicator (.0.2), this is no simple patch release, but rather a continuation of Appian's effort to delivera continuous stream of innovationto our customers that accelerate process improvement initiatives.

Appian 6 includes new features in the following categories:

    • Updated Microsoft SharePoint Integration

    • New Password and Security Management Features

    • New Rapid Component Development Framework powered by OSGi

    • New End-User Interface Features

    • New Appian Process Modeler Features

    • New Appian Application Builder Features

    • Extended BPM Application Migration Enhancements

The above categories are intentionally vague. To discover thedetails on each of the new feature areas, please review the Appian 6 Release Notes available on Appian Forum.

On April 22nd, at 12 pm EDT, we'll be hosting a webinar for our customers and partners to review these new features as well as the pipeline of new features about to be released. Registration for the webinar is available at Appian Forum.

Look forward to seeing you there,

Malcolm Ross, Director Product Management