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A Look Ahead to 2010

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
November 10, 2009

Appian is ready to help your business succeed in 2010. The more than 300 attendees who joined us for the recent Appian FORUM09 conference heard two BPM luminaries share their thoughts on what matters for the future of BPM. Gartner's Jim Sinur talked about "OpTempo" (accelerating operations to increase your ability to respond to changing business patterns), and Forrester's Clay Richardson outlined the importance of Lean BPM ñ and how to make it a reality. Attendees also saw first-hand that Appian is delivering the technology, methodology and community required to turn both of those important ideas into business value.

With the launch of Appian 6, we have delivered the market's fastest platform for BPM application development, deployment, adoption and use. This BPM acceleration means you can get to OpTempo quickly, and maintain in through rapid cycles of optimization. Combine this speed with "fit-for-purpose" interfaces, rich collaboration and Application Templates, and you have a recipe for Lean. On that note, please sample the more than 25 new templates (and hundreds of other resources) available in the new Appian Forum online community. Appian Forum combines the existing Appian Access and Appian ShareBase with a host of new content and collaboration features.

BPM has thrived as a result of the shrinking economy. As we look ahead to eventual recovery, we believe that BPM interest will only grow. Appian is committed to making your BPM efforts achieve rapid success, and we look forward to taking the journey with you.

Here's to a bright future!

Samir Gulati

Vice President of Marketing