Process Mining

Enable continuous process improvement.

Drive your competitive advantage with end-to-end process visibility.

Find and fix problems, monitor workflows, and continuously improve.

Data is invaluable. Process mining helps you make the most of it. With an objective look into process flows, you can see how your processes actually work—as opposed to how you think they work—to fix bottlenecks and delays that cost you time and money.

See Appian Process Mining in action.

Increase operational efficiency.

Make more informed decisions with visibility into real process execution and spot root causes of unwanted process behaviors. 

Improve customer/ employee experience.

With a complete view of customer and employee journeys, you can improve service and deliver better outcomes.

Accelerate enterprise modernization.

Grasp the full potential of process automation by identifying inefficiencies and other areas for improvement. 

Drive continuous process improvement.

Processes and data are the core of every business. Put yours to work strategically  and drive continuous improvement for competitive advantage.

Increase productivity.

Reduce throughput times and boost productivity. 

Ensure customer success.

Maintain continuous process control for standout customer experiences.

Reduce risk.

Ensure better standardization and process quality for improved compliance and reliability.

Save money.

Reduce costs through   efficient resource allocation and capital commitment.

Insight to Action

A straightforward start to your process optimization journey.

The Appian Insight to Action program is the easiest way to get started with process optimization. It combines industry-leading process mining and process automation with the deep domain expertise of the Appian Customer Success team.

End-to-end process visibility enables continuous improvement.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Process transparency is how you create more efficient, cost-effective processes. 

Process Discovery

Visualize your process to easily identify inefficiencies and​​ bottlenecks and enable continuous improvement.

Conformance Checking

Automatically detect rework, skipped activities, errors, and non-compliant activities in your process.

Root Cause Analysis

Perform automated root cause analysis to identify patterns and explain unwanted process behavior.

Monitor and Act

Monitor key metrics and KPIs, track performance, and assess return on investment of improvement efforts.