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Continuous Improvement Process

Kaizen refers to a Japanese business philosophy regarding the processes that continuously improve operations and involve all employees. It means  "change for the better" or "continuous improvement." 

Process mining is a core technology supporting continuous improvement, the ongoing monitoring and enhancement of business processes to improve the quality, purpose, and value achieved. Data-driven optimization opportunities are identified through process mining analysis with improvements made incrementally. 

The focus of a successful continuous improvement process is on ‘improving’, not ‘fixing’ broken or inefficient processes using process mining, and monitoring capabilities. It’s a proactive, automated, systemic approach as opposed to a reactive, ‘one and done’. 

Why is continuous improvement important? 

Continuously monitoring and enhancing existing processes with newly implemented improvements regularly ensures organizational agility, both in discovering new optimization opportunities and reacting to future problems. Analyzing and monitoring core business processes in real time drives competitive advantage through optimized customer and employee experiences.

Process Mining Glossary

Conformance Checking    |     Continuous Improvement    |     Event Log    |    Process Controlling     |     Process Deviation    |    Process Discovery   |    Process Enhancement   |     Process Management Life Cycle    |     Process Transparency    |     Process Variant    |    Target Process

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